In 1984, Chrysler introduced the minivan and changed the way American families travel. In the years since, Chrysler has continued to set the standard in safety, design, and kid-friendly features. At the same time Chrysler placed educational issues on the company agenda and supported a number of national initiatives including award-winning reading, mentoring, child safety, and anti-bullying programs.

In 1992, we introduced Drive for the Kids®, and in 1993 partnered with Chrysler to became the first program to reach out on a national scale to support schools in the communities where the company does business. Since then, auto dealers, like the one in your hometown, have worked with parents in thousands of communities across America to conduct Drive for the Kids school fundraisers. We are proud of this tradition and are pleased to continue building relationships between schools, communities and local businesses for the benefit of the kids.

SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGE. Please take a look at our latest video. The hair styles may have changed but the Drive for the Kids fundraising concept is still the same.